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REVIEW: Edge of Tomorrow

“Groundhog Day” worked.  It’s a classic. But  the imitators that followed didn’t’ come close to its success .  There was Dennis Quaid  and the attempted Presidential Assassination in  the 2008 film “Vantage Point” and the  Duncan Jones (David  Bowie’s  very talented son) sci-fier “Source Code”, with a bomber on a Chicago commuter train.

Based on a popular book, “Edge of Tomorrow” is Tom Cruise’s 9th thriller (or sci-fier). This time he’s a reluctant soldier  who’s stuck in a relentless time loop, at war with aliens alongside Emily Blunt , who plays a goddess warrior.  This is not  your typical  Tom Cruise action flick.  He’s an untrained, terrified soldier thrown into a war where he dies within  minutes only to reset and relive his demise over and over and over til he gets it right.  He learns more and more each time.  The thing is,  each  day he re-lives, he has to reintro himself to Blunt’s warrior goddess (Rita Vrataski)  because an alliance with her is the ony way to win  this battle, much less the war with the aliens.  So it’s also a sci-fi version of the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore rom-com “50 First Dates”.  But there’s just a hint of romance in “Edge Of Tomorrow”.

Directed by Doug Limon of “The Bourne Identity”, the action keeps you on edge. But I still found it tedious to basicallyrelive the same scene over and over and over.  It was fun seeing Cruise play against  type. Basically he’s dragged kicking and screaming into battle. He’s a wuss who’s forced to become a man.   And there’s a good dose of humor thrown in.

Why they came up with the soap opera-like title “Edge Of Tomorrow” is a mystery.  Why didn’t they stick with the title of the 2004  book “All You Need Is Kill”?  While that will have you scratching your head, so will the ending.


2-and-a-half stars


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